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The Frenchman has already won the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Super Cup. He is also a member of the French national team.
The first season of the new season of La Liga has already shown us that the club is not going to be a favorite. Griezman has already lost to Real and Barcelona, and it is not yet known whether he will be able to repeat the success of the previous season.

However, Antoine has already managed to win the “Premier” and “Segunda”, which is a good result. It is important to note that the team has a good lineup, which allows to achieve the desired result.
How to follow the latest news from the world of football?
The new season is very interesting, and this is reflected in the number of events that are taking place on the football field. The fans can always follow the results of the matches of their favorite teams on the website of sports statistics.
In the current season, the main contenders for the victory in the fight for the title are:
* Barcelona;
* Atletico;
* Real.
All of them are ready to give their all to win. The main problem for Barcelona is the lack of motivation. The Catalans have been in the Champions’ League for a long time, but they have not managed to get to the final stage.
Real has a similar problem. The team has been in Europe’s top-4 for a number of years, but it is still not able to win gold medals. The club does not have the right players for the fight in the Europa’ Cup.
Barcelona has a great lineup, and its main competitors are not the strongest. However, the Catalans are not going down without a fight. The season is not over yet, and they are still in the race for the champion title.
You can always find out the latest results of your favorite teams and players on the sports statistics website.
What to expect from the new La Liga season?
This season, Barcelona has a lot of problems, which can be seen from the current results. The Catalan club has a long bench, and many players are not able yet to prove themselves.
Another problem for the Catalonian club is the transfer ban. The players have to undergo a medical check, and if they are not in the right condition, they will not be allowed to play.
This is another reason for the Barcelona’ failure in the current La Liga campaign. The previous season, Lionel Messi managed to score a lot, and his team won the champion’ title. However this time, the Argentinean is not able not to score goals.
There are also rumors that the Catalan club will not participate in the new Champions League. The ban will affect only the first team, and there is no chance for Barcelona to participate in European competitions.
However the team still has a chance to win a place in the next season. It will be very difficult for the club to participate at the group stage, because the strongest teams are: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.
It is still unclear whether Barcelona will be allowed into the new tournament, because they have already participated in the previous one. The new season will also see the return of the Champions’ League, so we will see whether the club will be ready to fight for a place at the first round.
La Liga results of other teams
The current season of Spanish football is very important for the teams that are fighting for the place in European championships. The teams that have not been in top form for a while are now in the strongest position.
Among the main favorites of the upcoming season, there are: ​​
* Real Madrid;
• Barcelona;
• Atletico.
Each of them has a strong lineup, a good coach, and a long history of successful results.
If you look at the La Liga results, you can see that the teams are not playing as well as they could. Many of them have already won a number in the domestic championship.
Many fans are disappointed with the results, but the club has the right to change its tactics. The management has a number and a lot to do, because it is clear that the season is far from over.
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Who will be the main favorite of the season?
The main favorites are:
* Madrid; * Barcelona; * Atletico
The last season of Real Madrid was very successful. The Spanish capital team has won the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions Cup, and several other trophies.
Despite the fact that the previous year was not the best for the team, it managed to finish in the top-3 of the Spanish championship. The current season is still far from being over, and we can expect a lot from the club.
Atletico has a very good lineup and a good coaching staff. The Argentinean has managed to bring the team to the Champions league, and he has also managed to strengthen the team. The problem for Atletico is that it is very difficult to find a place for the players in the starting lineup.