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Europa League: 10 players to watch in the final round

The Europa League final is always a tense affair, as the teams fight for the coveted trophy. This season, the competition is especially intense, as several clubs have already won the tournament.
The final is a chance for the best teams to claim the title and for the others to fight for a place in the Europa League zone. The final of the Europa league is always interesting, as it is a good chance for a club to show its strength and show its maximum.
However, the final also has its risks. It is always difficult to predict the outcome of the matches, as there are many factors that can affect the final result.
In this season, many teams are at the peak of their form and are ready to fight until the last round. The main favorites of the final are:
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham;
* Chelsea.
All of them have a good lineup and are able to impose a fight on their competitors.

The main goal of the teams is to finish in the top-4. This will allow them to qualify for the Champions League.
Europa league final is an exciting and tense match, where the final outcome is decided by a single match. The Europa League is a tournament where the best clubs from all over the world fight for gold medals.
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Favorites of the Final
The following teams are considered the favorites of this season’s Europa League finals:
1. Manchester United. The Red Devils are a team that has a good squad and is able to fight against all rivals.
2. Tottenham. The Spurs are a great team that is able fight against the main favorites.
3. Valencia. The team is a real contender for the title.
4. Arsenal. The Gunners are a club that is ready to compete against the teams from all around the world.
5. Roma. The Roma are a strong team that fights for gold.
6. Sevilla. The Spanish team is considered one of the main contenders for the Europa title. The players of the team are ready for the final match.
7. Chelsea. The Blues are considered one the main candidates for the champion title. They have a great lineup and have the potential to fight with the main rivals. The club has a great coach, who is able not only to motivate his players, but also to use them in the best way.
8. Valencia again. The Royal club is considered the main contender for gold, as they have a strong lineup and the players are able fight for it.
9. Galatasaray. The Galatasaray are a good team that can fight for victory in the tournament and claim the gold. The coach of the club is able use his players in the most effective way. The football season has just begun, so the team is still in the middle of the standings, but the players have already shown their potential.
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Main Favorites of Final Rounds
The season of the Champions league has just started, so it is difficult to make predictions about the final rounds. However, it is known that the main favorite of the tournament is Manchester United, who will try to finish the season in the first position.
Manchester United has a long and successful history in the Champions club tournament. The last time the Red Devils finished in the second position was in the 1990-91 season. The previous season, they were defeated by Liverpool in the semifinals.
This season, Mourinho’ s team has a strong squad. The lineup of the players is very diverse, as many of them are able play in the defense and in the midfield.
It is the defense that is considered to be the main strength of the Red devils. The defense of the squad is led by Nemanja Matic, who has already scored a lot of goals for the club.
Another player who is considered a key player of the defense is Luke Shaw. The young player is able play both in defense and on the wings.
United’ defense is a strong point of the lineup of Mourinho”s team. They are able not to concede goals, which is a great achievement for the team.
Chelsea is also considered one a contender for victory, as this season the Blues have a very good lineup. The squad of Jose Mourinho is able compete against Manchester United and Liverpool.
They have a number of players that are able compete for the starting position. The most important of them is:
· Jose Mourinho;
·. Eden Hazard.
Both players have a long career ahead of them, and they are able give their all in the match.