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Liverpool has been in the Champions League for six months and the Reds have already won the first two matches. The main question is whether the team will be able to repeat its success in the domestic arena.
The Reds have been in a good form for several years now and have repeatedly managed to win the Champions’ League. The team is now in the best shape of its history and can be considered as one of the main contenders for the title.
However, the team is not at the best of form in the Premier League. Klopp’s players are not in the form they were in the previous season and the team has not been able to demonstrate its maximum for a long time.
This is the main reason why the Reds are not able to claim the title in the current season. However, the club has a lot of chances to win it.

The main goal of the team for the next season is to win a place in the Europa League zone. The Reds have a good chance of doing this, as they have a number of players who are ready to play in the top division.
They include:
* Sadio Mané;
* Mohamed Salah;

* Roberto Firmino.
If the players of Klopp”s team are able to achieve the desired result, then the Reds can be called one of Europe’’ main favorites.
It is now possible to watch the matches of the club on the website of sports statistics. The results of the matches are available in live mode and are presented in a convenient format.
Liverpool’’s results in the first half of the season
The first half has been very eventful for the team. The club has won the Europa league and the Champions’ League. However the Reds still have a long way to go.
In the Premier league, the Reds face a number problems. The first of them is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning trophies and are not ready to fight for the champion title. This is the reason why they have not been in such good shape for several seasons now.
Another problem of the Reds is the fact that they are not at their best yet. The Liverpool team has a number players who have already played in the World Cup and are already tired of it. The same applies to the team’ players.
Klopp’ s team has to find its game and show its maximum in the next matches. This will help them to get into the top 4 of the Premier.
Main results of Liverpool’ matches
The team is in a very good shape, but it is not in a position to win trophies. The problem is that the team needs to find a way to improve its results.
One of the most important factors is the motivation of the players. It is obvious that they want to win gold medals. However they are tired and tired of the Champions league.
Many of the Liverpool players are already used to playing in the English Premier League and are ready for the fight. They are ready not to stop at the Champions but to win all the trophies in the future.
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Team’ results in Champions League
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. It attracts the best football players from all over the world and is one of its main events.
At the beginning of the tournament, the Liverpool team was the main contender for the victory in the group stage. However it lost a lot in the matches against the teams from the lower divisions.
Also, the players were tired of playing in Europe. This was the reason for the defeat in the round of the round in the final match against Napoli.
Despite the fact, that the Reds had a good game, they were not able win the tournament. The reasons for this are:
1. Lack of motivation of players. Many of them are already professionals and they want gold medals, but they are still not ready for it. This applies to all the team members.
2. Lackadaisical playing style of the leaders. The leaders are tired, but not ready.
3. Unstable lineup of the teams.
All this has led to the defeat of the Anfield team in the semifinals. However in the finals, the fans of the Royal club were not disappointed.
Livescore today of Liverpool matches
In addition to the Champions Cup, the Royal Liverpool team is also one of main contenders in the tournament of the English championship. The Royal team is a great team and is able to win any tournament it takes part in.
Due to this, the livescore today is a good opportunity to follow its results on the site of sports analytics. The website provides the latest information from the matches and allows you to follow their development.
Of course, the main goal for the Royal team for this season is the victory of the championship. They have a lot to do to achieve this goal.
First of all, the coach has to do his best to strengthen the team and make it stronger. Secondly, the squad needs to be strengthened. The current squad is not able yet to perform at its maximum and the players need to be given time to rest.