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The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the teams have been strengthened. The main transfer was the acquisition of the new signing of the club, the striker. The transfer of the player will allow the club to strengthen the team, as well as to strengthen its position in the standings.
The player is the Serbian striker Milan Borjan. The player has already played for the club for a few seasons, and he has already managed to score a few goals. The club has already decided to buy him, as it is clear that he will be able to improve the team’s performance.

The club will not be able not to buy the player, as he is a good player. The price of the transfer is approximately 100 million euros, which is a high price for a player.
Who is the player’ s right to play for the team?
The transfer of Milan Borjano will allow to strengthen a team that is already in a good shape. The team has already won the championship, and it is now in a position to fight for the title.
However, the team needs to strengthen other positions. The most obvious one is the defense. The position of the team is quite weak, and there is a lack of stability. The players are often injured, and they need to be replaced. The new signing will help to solve this problem, as the player is a reliable player. He can play in the defense, and his price is not high.
Borjan is a player who is able to score goals, and this is the main advantage of the acquisition. The cost of the purchase is approximately 50 million euros.
How can the club strengthen the position of defense?
It is obvious that the club will have to strengthen their position in order to fight against the main competitors of the championship. The first thing that the team will do is to buy a new defender. The acquisition of a new player will be a good decision, because the team has a lot of problems in the position.
In the summer, the club bought the defender, who will help the team to solve the problem. The defender is a young player who can be a leader of the defense in the future. The only problem is that the price of such a player is not low. The maximum price for the player in the market is approximately 80 million euros
The team will have a lot more problems in defense, so the acquisition will be an excellent decision.
Will the club be able win the championship?
This season, the main problem of the opponents is the lack of motivation. The fans expect a lot from their team, and many of them are disappointed. The lack of goals and the fact that the players are not able to show their maximum in the matches are the main reasons for this.
This summer, many clubs have strengthened their positions. It is obvious now that the main goal of the clubs is to win the title, and in the near future we will see whether the club of the capital of Serbia will be successful in this. The last time it was the team of the city of Belgrade that won the title was in the previous season.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the main club of Serbia on the sports statistics website. It provides the latest information about the results, as they are updated in real time.
Where can you find the latest news on the team and its achievements?
You will find the information about all the matches on the website of sports statistics. It offers the latest data, which are updated on the regular basis.
Thanks to the modern technologies, it is possible to follow the livescores of the games. This will allow you to be aware of the changes in the course of the game, as soon as they occur.
It will be possible to find the results on the site of sports analytics, which provides the information on the results and statistics of matches of all kinds. The information is updated in the real time, so you will not miss anything important.
What are the chances of the victory of the season?
In this season, many teams are in a bad shape. Many of them have already won a championship, but they are now in the middle of the tournament.
Many teams have problems in their defense, as there is no stability. It has been said that the lack in the team position is the most obvious problem of many teams.
Now, the most likely scenario is that we will find out the results in the championship of the country of Serbia. The season has already started, and we will soon see whether it will be the team that will be victorious.
At the moment, the chances are that the champion will be won by the team from Belgrade. The city of this capital has a good team, which can be called a real trump card.
If the team manages to win, it will become the champion for the third time in a row. The previous two champions were the team led by Sloboda. The current champion is the team called “Slavia”.
There are several reasons for the success of the Slobodas. First of all, the coach of the “slavs” is Slaviški Zlatibor. The coach has managed to find a good balance of the forces of the squad.