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The transfer news of the summer is already starting to be known. The main transfer that has been made this summer is the acquisition of the Spanish forward Lionel Messi. The club that bought him is Barcelona. The transfer cost €200 million.
The player has already made a number of appearances for the team. He has scored a number goals, which is quite good. The most important thing is that he is able to provide the team with goals.

The main thing is to see how the transfer will affect the results of the team and the club. It is clear that the club will need to strengthen the position of the main striker, because Messi is not able to do this alone.
In addition, the team will also need to find a new goalkeeper. The team has already found a good replacement for the injured Sergio Busquets.
However, the main thing for the club is to find the right person to replace the player. The problem is that the goalkeeper is not very important for the results.
There is a high probability that the player will leave the team, because he is not the right choice for the new team. The player himself has said that he wants to leave the club, but the club has not yet found a suitable replacement for him.
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Latest news on Lionel Messi
The club that is interested in buying the player is Barcelona, which has already signed him. The price of the transfer is about 200 million euros.
Messi is not a young player, so he needs time to grow. He is a very good player, but he needs to get used to the team’s style of playing. It seems that he will be able to help the team in the long run.
It is clear from the start that the transfer has a lot of problems. The first problem is the fact that the team needs a new striker. Messi is the main one, but there are a lot more who can play in the team if the player leaves.
Another problem is a lack of motivation of the players. The players are not very confident, because they have already spent a lot on the player and have not been able to get the desired result.
If the transfer does not work out, then the club may have to sell the player to another team.
Football results of Barcelona
The team is in the middle of the championship, and it is not in the best shape. The previous season, the club finished in the Champions League zone, but it lost to Real Madrid.
This time, the players are in a better mood. They have already signed a new player, and the transfer cost about 100 million euros, which was a lot for the players, who are used to spending a lot.
Now, the situation is not so bad. The new season promises to be interesting, because the team has a number 1, who is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them among the team members.
At the moment, the results are not so good, but this does not affect the team’s position in the standings. The last match of the season will be very important, because it will decide whether the team stays in the top 4 or leaves it.
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What is the future of Messi?
The new season is not going to be easy for the Barcelona team. Messi has already left the team for a number one position. The situation is still not clear, but Barcelona needs to find another striker.
As a result, the transfer may not be successful. It will depend on the results and the motivation of Messi.
Despite the problems, the player himself is not giving up. He wants to stay in the club for a long time, and he is ready to do his best for the fans.
For this, the Barcelona fans need to give him time. It has already been a long season, and now it is time to get ready for the next one.
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All the latest transfer news on fscore
The football season is in full swing, and this means that it is very important to follow the transfer news.
One of the most important transfers of the last season was the acquisition by Barcelona of Lionel Messi, who cost the club 200 million euro.
Many people were not happy with the player’ transfer, because many people thought that the price was too high. However, the price of this transfer is not that high, and many other clubs were interested in the player too.
Barcelona has already started to sign him, and they have signed him for 100 million. The cost of the player has been increased by the 100 million, so the price is now 200 million. However the club does not have a long-term contract, so it is possible that the cost will be lower.