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The season has come to an end, and the main contenders for the title are already in the form of the top 4. The main contenders are:
1. Lionel Messi;
2. Cristiano Ronaldo;
3. Sergio Aguero;
4. Neymar.
The first two are already over, but the others are still playing.
Lionel Messi has won the Ballon D’Or, the Golden Ball, the Silver Ball, and has become the best scorer in the history of the Champions League.
However, the Argentine has not won the World Cup, and his career is still in the middle of the development.
Cristiano Ronaldo has won several trophies, but he still has a long way to go.
Sergio Aguero has already won the Champions Trophy and the Europa League, but his form is still not at the level of Messi and Ronaldo.
Neymar is the main contender for the Golden Boot.
In the last season, the Portuguese showed his best football, and it is clear that he will not stop at this.

The main thing for him is to show a good game in the new season.
Who is a contender for winning the Golden State Warriors?
The Golden State is one of the main favorites of the season. It has already managed to win the NBA championship, and now it is trying to win a third title in four years.
It is clear, that the team is very strong, and even if it loses a little in the standings, it will be able to recover and go to the next round.
Among the main competitors of the Warriors are: Cleveland, Portland, Boston, and Houston.
All of them have a good lineup, and they are ready to fight for the champion title.
Will the Warriors win it?
It all depends on the results of the upcoming games.
After the victory in the NBA finals, the Warriors have a chance to win another title. However, it is not easy to win it, and there are still some problems with the team.
For example, the lack of motivation.
Many players are tired of the constant pressure, and many of them are not in the best shape.
This is another reason why the Warriors will not be able win the title. They have to improve their results, and this is the most important thing for them.
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Which team is the favorite of the championship?
Now, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the main favorite of this season. The team has a good roster, and its main competitors are: Golden State, Boston and Portland.
If the Warriors lose a little, they will be in a position to win. However they have to play well in the next games, otherwise they will not have enough motivation to fight against the other teams.
Of course, the Cavaliers have a long road ahead, but they have a great chance to become the main champion of the NBA.
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How to follow the news of the Spanish La Liga?
This season, there is a lot of intrigue in the Spanish championship. The most interesting game of the tournament is the final between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Both teams have a lot to do, but if they can finish the season in the top four, they can be sure that they will have a real chance to get into the final of the Cup of Spain.
Barcelona is the current champion, and Real is trying its best to become a contender of the title for several years. However the team has not been playing well for several months, and if it does not improve its results, it may lose its place in the Champions Cup.
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What are the favorites of Eurocup?
In this season, many teams are trying to get to the Eurocup zone. Among the main candidates are: Fenerbahce, Dinamo Zagreb, and Zvezda.
Fenerbahçe is the team that has the best chances of getting into the zone of the European Cup. The club has a great lineup, which can be strengthened by the transfer of the young players.
Dinamo ZAGREB is the second candidate for the Euro Cup. It is a team that is trying hard to get in the zone. The coach of the club is a former champion, who has already led the club to the European cups.
Zvezda is the third candidate for Eurocup. The players of the squad are young and have a high potential. However their results in the national championships are not so good.
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