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The Gunners are one of the main contenders for the title, but they are not in a good shape. They have a lot of problems, which are not solved, and they need to solve them quickly.
The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing for the club, and do not want to leave the Emirates. So, they are trying to buy the players who will solve their problems.
However, it is difficult to buy players who are not good enough for the team. They need to be able to play in the Premier League, and if they are bought, they will not be able do it.
So, the main thing is to solve the problems of the players and to buy good players.
Who will be the main candidates for the transfer?
The most obvious candidate for the acquisition of a new player is the goalkeeper, which is the number one position of the Gunners.
It is important for the goalkeeper to be in good shape, because this will help the team to score goals.
Arsenal has a good goalkeeper in the number 10 position, which can be bought for around 100 million.
In the summer, the club will be able buy a number of other players, because the transfer ban is lifted. The most obvious candidates for this are:
* Cesc Fabregas;
* Sokratis;

* Koscielny.
All of them are important for Arsenal, because they can play in several positions.
They can also play in a number 10 role, but this position is not the most important.
If the club wants to get into the Champions League zone, then it will need to get a number 1 player. The main candidate for this is Alexis Sanchez.
Alexis has already scored a lot for the Gunner, and it is important that the club does not lose him.
Will Arsenal be able win the Champions league again?
In recent years, the Gunns have not been able to win the coveted trophy, but it is possible. The club is very strong, and can win the European Cup, and the Champions Cup in the future.
This year, the team lost to Barcelona in the final, but the team has a lot to improve. The team has to get stronger in the domestic arena, and to do this, it needs to buy new players. Arsenal has a great chance to win, because it has a number one goalkeeper, a number 2 defender, and a number 3 midfielder.
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What are the main problems of Arsenal?
There are a lot problems of this team. First of all, the lack motivation. It is obvious that the players have to win trophies, but in the current season, they have not managed to do it, and this is a big problem.
Another problem is the fact that the team does not have a good coach. Arsene Wenger has managed to fix the problems, but he has not managed not to lose points.
There is a good chance that the Gunni will not win the cup, but will be in the Champions zone.

The team has already won the Europa League, so it is not a problem to get to the next round.
Do not forget that the Europa league is a tournament for the strongest teams, and Arsenal is one of them.
Thus, the Arsenal is a team that can be a contender for the victory in the next season.
Where can you follow the results of the Arsenal?
This season, the Emirates is the main arena of the English Premier League. This is a very exciting tournament, and there are a number interesting matches.
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How to follow the game on the site of sports analytics?
It can be said that the main competition of the Premier league is the Europa tournament. This tournament is very interesting, and many teams have already won it. The Europa League is a competition for the best teams, which has a higher level than the Premier.
Many teams have won the tournament, including:
ยท Liverpool;
ยท Liverpool; Manchester City; Tottenham; Chelsea; Manchester United; Arsenal; ManchesterUnited; ManchesterCity; Manchester united; Manchester derby; Arsenal derby; Liverpool derby; Chelsea derby; Tottenham derby; Everton; Arsenal at home; Manchester at home.
Each team plays in a tournament once every two years, and each match is a real test for the players. The Premier league has a lower level, and in the Europa, the teams play against each other.
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Main difficulties of the season in the English Championship
The season in England has already ended, and now we can see the results on the field.
After the first rounds, it was clear that the teams had a lot in common, and that they would fight for the champion title.
Despite the fact, that Manchester City and Chelsea were in the lead, the gap between them was minimal.