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Chelsea have been in the middle of a crisis for several years now. The Blues have been losing points at a rapid pace and it is now clear that the team needs to make some changes. One of the main issues is the lack of motivation of the players. Many of them are tired of losing points and they are not ready to fight for the title.

The main candidate for the position of the new coach of the team is Frank Lampard. The former Chelsea coach has already managed to get a good result for the team and he is able to do it again. The team needs a new coach who can motivate the players and give them a good game.
The position of Frank Lamparde as the new Chelsea coach is quite obvious. The coach has a good experience in the English Premier League and he has already got a good reputation. The players of the Blues are already looking forward to the new season and they will not stop trying to win the title again.
You can always follow the development of events at the club on the website of sports statistics. It is easy to follow the news and get the information about the game of the teams and players from all over the world.
Who is the perfect candidate for Lampard’s position?
The coach of Chelsea is a specialist in the field of attacking football. Frank Lampardo has already shown that he is capable of achieving a good performance. The main thing that he needs to do is to find the right players for the positions that he wants to take.
Lampardo has a number of players that can be considered as the main candidates for the new position. The first of them is the young player of the club, Eden Hazard. The Belgian is a good player and has already become a real star of the Chelsea team.
Eden Hazard is a player that can become a good candidate for Frank Lampardi
The Chelsea team needs someone who can give them the motivation and help them to win points. Hazard is able of this and he can become the new leader of the squad. The young player is a talented player and he needs the right guidance.
Another candidate for a new position is the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. The Frenchman has already had a successful career in the Premier League. He has already won the Champion title and the Europa League.
Courtois is a goalkeeper who can become an excellent candidate for Chelsea. The goalkeeper is able not only to save the ball but also to make a good save. He is also able to make good decisions in the defensive line of the defense.
In addition, Courtoises position is very important for the success of the entire team. The Chelsea goalkeeper is a leader of a number 10 position. He can be a good option for Lampardi to find a good goalkeeper.
Will Chelsea be able to win another title?
Chelsea has a long way to go in the season, but the team has a lot of good players. The fans have already noticed that the players are ready to do their best and they have already managed this.
Chelsea is a team that can win the Premier league again. There is a high probability that the club will be able win the Champions League, too. The club has a very good squad and they can do their job well.
However, the main task of the current season is to win gold medals at the European Cup. This is the main goal of the fans and the team, so they will definitely not give up.
If Chelsea manages to win a third title, then the team will be very close to the Champions league. The Champions League is a very prestigious tournament and the club has to win it.
Main players of Chelsea’ football team
The team of Frank is a real team and it has a great potential. The squad of the coach has the potential to win more trophies. The most important thing for the club is to get into the Champions’ League zone.
One of the most important players of this team is Eden Hazard, who is a young player who is able make a lot for the Chelsea. He already managed a good season and he managed to score a lot.
He is able for this and it will be a great help for the coach Lampardo. The other players of Hazard can also become a candidate for this position. They are able to improve the results of the whole team and they should be considered for the place in the team. It should be noted that the Chelsea squad is very strong and the coach can use all the players in the right way.
It is easy for the fans to follow Chelsea”s football results on the sports statistics website. The website provides information about all the matches of the EPL, the Champions, Europa League and other tournaments. It’ll be easy to find all the information on the team’ soccer results.
Where can fans find the results from the matches?
Fans can follow the results on a special website that is dedicated to the Epl. The site is called sports statistics, and it provides the results for all the competitions of the English football.
There are a lot tournaments that the fans can watch on the site. The EPL is one of the best leagues in the world, and the fans have the opportunity to see the results not only of the top teams, but also of the lower divisions.